Putting you in control

Better Boards is established to help boards, Chairs and CEOs to become the best they can be and deal with the unprecedented challenges of our times - from disruptive technologies, the need for complex and comprehensive transformation programmes, to increasing demands from stakeholders. We exist to deliver smart solutions for governing and managing boards.


Our mission is to create better, more effective and higher performing boards. All solutions and techniques are grounded in research, evidence-based, practical, and above all, proven to generate tangible results. Our solutions are designed to enable the agile and efficient delivery and execution of board evaluation and board development programmes.

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Choose the solution that best meets your needs

From accessing our platform, to our board advisor-led services, we have built complete flexibility into all our solutions, so you can select what is right for you.

Fully facilitated external board evaluations

Combine classical in-depth interview techniques and rigorous analysis with cutting-edge technology.

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Internal board evaluation and development

Use our Better Boards digital board evaluation platform for your internal board evaluation, due diligence and board development programmes.

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Better Boards Tailored services

Take control by selecting the right modules to meet your specific needs, timeline and budget.

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Obtain a licence to meet your needs.

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Increase the impact of individual board members and the overall effectiveness of the board

7-Hallmarks of Effective Boards.

Better Boards is widely credited for having identified the 7-Hallmarks of Effective Boards. Every hallmark is a lever individual members and the board as a collective can pull to increase effectiveness and performance.

  • Grounded in research, evidence-based and peer-reviewed
  • Comprehensive
  • Action-oriented
  • Efficient
  • Proven

Other services

Additionally, we provide the following services:


Designing and delivering tailored board training programmes.

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Special onboarding programmes for external hires and internal promotions, helping top executives and board members master their new responsibilities quickly and effectively.

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Management retreats

Specially designed management retreat programmes, enabling boards to generate new insights and solutions and reflect on key issues, perceptions and behavioural patterns.

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